ARE YOU A CORPORATE EXECUTIVE or business owner, spending a third of your day and your life confined to an office chair with you neck cranked forward, absent to any body awareness save the pain and stiffness you have accepted as the new norm?

ARE YOU A PARENT who’s running around all day taking care of your family with no time for yourself?

DO YOU HAVE CHRONIC PAIN or stiffness in the lower, mid or upper spine or tightness and lack of mobility in the joints: ankles, knees, hips, pelvis, shoulders, arms, neck?

Have you surrendered to the belief that…

“It is what it is! These things now exist and will remain, and get worse now that I’m over 40.”

Does the idea of group training cause anxiety, knowing that you might injure yourself in the sea of a crowded group class with little attention to form?

Private instruction is personal one-on-one training, customized to your specific concerns and goals and runs on average 1 or 2 times per week.

It begins with a general assessment to unearth your general physical history, and looks at your present areas of concern; be they chronic, habitual,  post injury or post surgical. We will discuss realistic goals in consideration of your present lifestyle and circumstances.

Local meets Corporate

The approach to the work looks at the body as an incorporated unit comprised of many parts and mechanisms. While addressing the immediate and obvious ‘local’ concerns, equal emphasis is placeds on reintegrating the affected area to the greater whole unit. The intention is to bring the body out of compensation and protection into a fuller more dynamic expression of balance

Live Online Privates

Private instruction is very easy to set up for those preferring remote sessions at home. You only need a hard surfaced chair, a yoga mat and a modest amount of space. Recommendations can be made if you wish to further enhance your training with the use of Thera Bands, Foam Rollers, Yoga Blocks etc. Your own equipment will also be taken into consideration. Those interested more in our weight training component will supply their own weights for at home training.
Home-based in-person sessions have also been available when it is safe.

Contact me for a free consultation. From there we can create a plan.