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Tools for Challenging Times

In this time of social distancing, working from home, home schooling, lockdowns and the possible stress and trauma that comes with these Covid related lifestyle changes, it’s important to take care of yourself, your mind-space and your body. I offer both group and private online classes to meet your needs.



Are you having difficulty concentrating? Do you struggle with mental clarity, stress, depression or trauma? Has COVID-related trauma had an impact on your emotional well-being?

With POM you will develop breathing patterns to assist in strengthening the mechanics by which oxygen and vitality is brought into your body. You will learn about the diaphragm’s role in postural support, core strength and a healthy and resilient central nervous system.

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Have you ever caught yourself in a reflection and thought it was someone else? That slumped-over figure couldn’t be you, could it? Could your posture have something to do with tightness in your back, neck or shoulders?

Welcome to the era of desk jockeys, couch potatoes, smart device oglers and the rest of us who for various reasons have become disconnected and oblivious to the concept of good posture. It is a misconception that the aim for correct posture is solely aesthetic. The heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, G.I. tract, respiratory system, circulatory system and pretty much every system in your body cannot function at optimal efficiency if the structure is collapsed upon itself. Ongoing muscle development becomes distorted and disproportionate when the plumb-line of the spine is not hanging in balance with a sense of virtual zero gravity. Our body language or presentation can communicate things about personalities and dispositions that may or may not be true.


Working long hours on the computer? Spending more & more time on digital media? As a result have you noticed a decrease in your range of motion and mobility?

When we were young we did cartwheels, climbed trees, crawled under things, and fell without popping, snapping or breaking. Your body, with all of it’s moving parts and joints, was truly designed to be active, expressive and agile; free from aches and pain.

Reclaim and liberate your fundamental mobility. Protect and fortify your joints, tendons and muscles. Increase your range of movement, allowing your body to express itself in an unrestricted, dynamic manner, moving as a whole and complete unit.


Are you recovering from an injury or surgery? Have you been through physical therapy but you’re still not back to “normal?” Perhaps you’ve suffered effects of a past injury and finally want to address it.

Following an accident or surgery, it is important to reconfigure the synergistic exchange between all muscles, bones, tendons and joints. You may need additional structural support even after prescribed physiotherapy.

In terms of chronic injuries, they often originate from undetected imbalances in strength and flexibility or habitual compensations due to pain or poor alignment. Reconfiguring your body is also important to recovery from chronic injury.


Has getting older caught you by surprise? Is your body not what it used to be? When did we adopt the myth that youth and vitality must “fade to black” north of 50 yrs old?

An intelligent exercise and conditioning regime can be strategized, holding the longest-term goals in mind; how to gracefully arrive to the shores of our senior years, manifesting a well animated display of agility and a disposition of energetic vigour. Where there are potentially crippling issues such as arthritis and osteoporosis, it is very important to keep the joints, tendons and tissues moving to maintain their intended range of motion.


Has working from home and gym closures affected your physical activity level? Have you suddenly realized the term “COVID Kilos” now applies to you and your recent weight gain?

I offer a holistic, unifying approach to body conditioning, focusing on the fundamental structures of your anatomy to keep your body fit, smart and dynamic.

This unique training gives you an alternative approach to the usual methods of exercise, be it weight training, sports, yoga and/or many others.

Develop a practical knowledge of how to exercise moving along myofascial meridians and fascial trains.

Markham Garth, founder


Hello there, I am Markham Garth. I started principles of Movement after many years of training in an array of disciplines. My clients say they have never experienced anything quite like the approach I have developed. I hope you will also feel this way.

Everything that lives moves. Even things that at first glance seem to be stationary or sedentary, are in fact breathing and aging as all things move forward in time.

The human organism is a marvellously complex structure designed to function in synergy with itself: it’s breath, fluids, energetic passage ways, bones, muscles, sinews, joints, and the way these relate to the external three dimensional environment and influences around it.

Optimal expression of health and vitality, both mental and physical, asks for an agile, dynamic, breathing body, free from the restrictions of pain, tightness, trauma, stress and the office desk; a body that complies with the features and rules around which it was designed.

A balanced body is one where all parts dialogues and cooperate with each other to bring about a harmonious whole.


Every single body is unique. I specialize in working one-on-one with people to maximize their full potential. You don’t have to be an athlete or in top condition to benefit from working with me. In fact addressing your limitations, injuries, bodily changes is an integral part of this work, including all of the Focus Areas listed above. For more info, check out Is Private Instruction Right for You? You can also schedule a free consultation with me below.

Private Instruction

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